All Day required two blocks.  

  ProgramAge+PrereqCapAll Day EagleNotes
 Animal_ScienceAnimal Science  Yes  
 ArcheryArchery0 10   
 NotAvailableASI Training Course & Trail Ride $14 8Yes M, T, W
 NotAvailableBackwoods Woodcraft (Option of Woodcarving MB)0 10Yes M, W
 BasketryBasketry0 15   
 NotAvailableBlacksmithing0 24Yes M, T, W, TH
 NotAvailableBSA Guard15 6Yes  
YesCampingCamping  Yes  
 CanoeingCanoeing0 10Yes  
 ChessChess0 15   
 ClimbingClimbing0 Yes  
 NotAvailableClimbing - CB0 10Yes M, T, W, TH
 Composite_MaterialsComposite Materials0X12   
 NotAvailableCOPE0 Yes  
 Crime_PreventionCrime Prevention0X12   
YesCyclingCycling 16 8Yes  
 Disabilities_AwarenessDisabilities Awareness0 12   
 ElectricityElectricity0 12   
 NotAvailableElectricity & Electronics0 12   
 ElectronicsElectronics0 12   
YesEmergency_PreparednessEmergency Preparedness0X12   
YesEmergency_PreparednessEmergency Preparedness  Yes  
YesEnvironmental_ScienceEnvironmental Science0X15Yes  
 NotAvailableExtended Trail Ride (must be ASI certified)14 10Yes TH
 NotAvailableExtreme Lumberjack0 10Yes T, TH
 NotAvailableExtreme Obstacle Course0 8  M, T, W, TH
 Fire_SafetyFire Safety0X12   
YesFirst_AidFirst Aid0X12Yes  
 FishingFishing0 12   
 ForestryForestry0 15   
 NotAvailableFrontier! (1st Year Program)0 40Yes  
 Game_DesignGame Design0 15   
 GeologyGeology0 15   
 NotAvailableGeology & Mining In Society0 15   
 NotAvailableHorsemanship0 10Yes M, T, W, TH
 Indian_LoreIndian Lore0 15   
 KayakingKayaking0 16   
 NotAvailableKayaking & Snorkeling0 16  M, T, W, TH
 NotAvailableKayaking BSA0 8   
 LeatherworkLeatherwork0 15   
 Mammal_StudyMammal Study0 15   
 MetalworkMetalwork  Yes  
 Mining_in_SocietyMining In Society0 15   
 NatureNature0 15   
 OrienteeringOrienteering0 15   
 OrienteeringOrienteering  Yes  
 PioneeringPioneering  Yes  
 Public_SpeakingPublic Speaking0 10   
 Pulp_and_PaperPulp and Paper  Yes  
 RadioRadio0 12   
 Rifle_ShootingRifle Shooting0 16Yes  
 RoboticsRobotics0 12Yes  
 NotAvailableSailing Adventure (Option of Small Boat Sailing MB)0 10Yes M, T, W, TH
 Search_and_RescueSearch and Rescue  Yes  
 Search_and_RescueSearch and Rescue0 10   
 Shotgun_ShootingShotgun Shooting13$8   
 SignsSignals_and_CodesSigns, Signals, and Codes0 15   
 NotAvailableSnorkieling BSA0 8   
 Soil_and_WaterConservationSoil and Water Conservation  Yes  
 Space_ExplorationSpace Exploration0 12   
 NotAvailableSwim Instruction0    
YesSwimmingSwimming0 24   
YesSwimmingSwimming  Yes  
 NotAvailableWaterskiing & Tubing 0 16  M, T, W, TH
 WeatherWeather0 15   
 WeldingWelding13 12   
 Wilderness_SurvivalWilderness Survival0 15   
 Wilderness_SurvivalWilderness Survival  Yes  
 Wood_CarvingWood Carving  Yes  
 Wood_CarvingWood Carving0 15